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      < come back Teamtop Games Obtains The Legend of Mir’s IP from Wemade

      December 30, 2016

      Teamtop Games Obtains The Legend of Mir’s IP from Wemade and Plans to Create New Mobile Game



      On Novenber 11st, Teamtop Games officially announces to obtain the IP adaptation right of The Legend of Mir (also known as The Legend) from the Famous Korean gaming company Wemade and will create a new mobile game to make the legend great again.



      First launched in 2001, "The Legend of Mir " is one of most well-known PC game in China with millions of avid fans. Its high and unique business value is highly recognized among domestic gaming industry. This cooperation is expected to instill new energy to the old IP.



      Teamtop Games is going to create a new mobile RPG game while inheritting the merits of "The Legend of Mir " IP. Additionally, under the situation that the infringement of The Legend copyright happened now and then, Teamtop Games has also promised Wemade Entertainment and Actoz to act against those illegal behaviors, ensuring a fair and open gaming environment.


      Teamtop Games has been focusing on creating a sound and rich interactive entertaining ecosystems these years. Since 2015, Teamtop Games has made many important attempts to combine the IP and games development and gained abundant experiment on it. In 2016, IP strategy has a even more important place in the companys development strategies. By now, Teamtop Games has kept various IP resource including novel, cartoon, and movie that await to be developed to game and bringing players more fantastic interactive entertaining experience.